What is Saalikeen

This website is dedicated to the spiritual and moral uplifment of our muslim youth by providing literature, audio files, video files and other media which covers a wide range of Islamic topics.

In the Arabic language, a saalik is one who travels upon a path. Thus, Saalikeen are those who travel upon a path. Over fourteen hundred years ago a path of perfection was set for us by the best of all creation, the Prophet Muhammad (upon him be prayers and peace). Over fourteen hundred years later, that same opportunity of growth and closeness to Allah (Exalted is He) still exists. We invite you to join us as we tread this path to grow closer to our Lord.

The seeds for Saalikeen Youth Foundation were planted in 2011 when Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (may Allah preserve him) instructed Maulana Talha Motala to begin gathering local youth in his home in order to provide both Islamic knowledge and righteous company. As a result, a bi-weekly halaqa was established where pre-adolescent youth from throughout Lusaka came to listen to motivational lectures and enjoy meeting like-minded participants. Shortly thereafter, Maulana Talha established a series on the seerah (life of the Prophet, upon him be prayers and peace). Many university-aged youth began to show interest, namely a group from Mpulungu, and shortly thereafter the youth program grew to encompass and eventually focus on secondary school and university students.

By 2013, as the numbers slowly began to increase, Saalikeen Youth Foundation took its next step by formalizing many aspects of its structure. The halaqa now became weekly and, due to the growing number of interested participants, has added a new chapter in Kamwala, headed by Maulana Tahir Rokad. Furthermore, along with the weekly halaqa, Saalikeen Youth Foundation has held bi-monthly recreational programs. Currently, there are plans in place for a new weekly tarbiyah program that will add a necessary knowledge component to the weekly motivational lectures.

As the Muslim community in Lusaka, Zambia continues to grow, we have seen countless ulama (scholars) and awliya (saints) visit our community. Their efforts and sacrifice have resulted in a thriving community whose desire is to live a life according to the pleasure of Allah (Exalted is He) and the path of His beloved Messenger (upon him be prayers and peace). However, as the community has continued to grow, by the blessings of Allah (Exalted is He), so too has a previously overlooked faction, our youth.

Throughout Islamic history, Muslim youth have been one of the most important contributors to our way. Be it the courage of Ali (may Allah be pleased with him), as he voluntarily stood next to the Prophet (upon him be prayers and peace) when no one else stood next to him; the expertise of Muhammad bin Qasim (may the mercy of Allah be upon him), whose leadership helped expand Islam into the Indo-Pak subcontinent; the valor of Tariq bin Ziyad (may the mercy of Allah be upon him), as he ordered his troops to burn their ships so they can either free Spain from its tyranny or die trying; or the brilliance of Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih (may the mercy of Allah be upon him), as he came up with an ingenious plan to create a mechanism by which they could carry their boats in the darkness of the night into the Golden Horn to capture Constantinople; the youth of our history were pillars of light and guidance.

We also feel that same potential lies in the youth of Lusaka. Thus, through the advice and spiritual guidance of Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (may Allah preserve him), Saalikeen Youth Foundation was formed. Saalikeen Youth Foundation aims to take a three-step approach. Our monthly recreational gatherings aim to draw in a new, controlled crowd of youth (e.g., UNZA students, LICEF students, etc.), so that they may be able to interact with:

1. the Saalikeen Youth Foundation scholars and volunteers,
2. other youth who are already a part of Saalikeen Youth Foundation programs,
3. our guest speakers as they address their needs personally in order to provide the greatest possible benefit. Thereafter, students can sign up for any of our local Saalikeen Youth Foundation chapters for a weekly halaqa, as well as look to start one in their area.

The weekly halaqaat also have three main purposes:

1. to gather regular participants with like-minded, good company in order to strengthen their confidence in Islam,
2. to allow youth to interact with scholars who facilitate both motivational lectures and knowledge-based instruction,
3. to equip our youth with the necessary tools to be future workers and leaders of the deen.